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Ayia Napa Hotels

Ayia Napa as a resort has a wide range of hotels from basic 3* hotels like The Evabelle to incredible 5* all inclusive hotel such as the recently refurbished Pierre Anne for 2017!.

The hotels are located across the whole resort with some situated around the strip and others near the beach. The hotels in Ayia Napa cater for all budgets from the cheap and cheerful to those with a bit more cash to splash but are after that lap of luxury!

On Ayia Napa Takeover we only offer and work with hotels that rate highly, both from our own point of view but more importantly from the feedback of our customers! We offer incredible deals with all of our hotels which all have amazing facilities and are the best party hotels on the island - click here to check them out!

Our hotel advice:

Only go with recommend or trusted hotels from friends or tour operators
Read reviews - take these lightly though as some people kick off about the smallest things but generally a good indicator of what’s good and bad!

Look at pictures and make sure they are current - a great indicator of seeing hotel quality! Check the room layout - most hotels in Ayia napa sleep four people and have two twin beds in the bedroom and two sofa beds in the lounge.

For more information on the best hotels in Ayia Napa and on the island - check out the hotels we are offering for Summer 2017 - click here.

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